Congratulations with your new model from Ultramicro. To complete the kit you`ll need rc-equipment and some basic tools like: a razorsharp hobby knife, depron friendly CA&kicker, an low temp melting gun and som clear tape. This instruction is not for one spesific model but only an overall guidence to some of our prefered depron building techniques. All our models require some building experience and if you are new to this part of the hobby we strongly recommend you to seek expert advice.

1. Start with cutting loose all parts and get an overall view of the kit content


2. All rudder, elevator and aileron leading edges should be angled and is hinged with clear tape of your choice. Clear tape comes in a different quality and some sticks better to depron than others, find and use one in good quality.

3.Use depron CA in building sequences that requires stiff and unflexible structures.

4.Melting glue is perfect in places that needs more flexible joints.

5. Assemble fuselage and wing parts

6. Install your choice of rc equipment and propulsion. All linkage is made of cabon rods attached to rudder horn with heat shrink tube and to servo with f.ex Dubro Ez connectors. Glue rudder horns with ca first and secure with melting glue.. If you wish to save weight we reccomend ca before melting glue.

7. Flying and setup: 

There are several ways to set up your depron model depending on flying style and skills.. Use small deflections on all rudders if you are new to this kind of flying, extreme 3D maneuvers require max obtainable deflections. Center of Gravity is reccomended at 1/3 of wing from leading edge as a starting point, fine tune you model inflight by moving weight forward and backwards so it will end up with neutral elevator in straight`n level aswell as inverted flight. Do the same in knife edge; if the model track towards undercarriage, move weight upwards in fuselage and vice versa. Propeller thrust should be set to neutral.

8. Here are more building pictures.